Deep Washroom Sanitation Service

Your washroom says more about you than costly advertising ever could. That’s because a well-equipped, clean, hygienic and fresh smelling washroom makes a positive lasting impression. In simple terms it says you care about the well-being of your customers, staff and visitors. At Anglia Cleaning Solutions Ltd we provide specialist washroom services to help you maintain a safe hygienic washroom environment for your staff and the good of your business.

Not only should the fixtures such as sinks, toilets and urinals be spotless, but all surfaces including floors, walls, ceilings, partitions and doors also need to be clean to prevent the spread of flu viruses, germs and bacteria.
A change of scent or smell quickly gets picked up by the human nose and if it is pungent it can create personal discomfort and in some cases embarrassment for all concerned.

The spotless appearance of your toilets will tell your employees and visitors how much you care about them and your business environment.

Scale build up in inaccessible areas creates the perfect trap for harmful bacteria to multiply and the risk of infection due to release of bacteria into the air is very real. In urinals, the build up also provides a medium for uric salts to accumulate. Under and around the toilet bowl rim, hand basins taps and overflow are further area where build up occurs.

The answer is not the sanitising process, but the complete removal of the surface build up, a problem that is solved quickly and effectively by Anglia Cleaning Solutions Ltd.

The benefits to you:

• Sparkling porcelain, sparkling taps, clean stainless steel and a pleasantly perfumed washroom.
• The appreciation by your staff and clients that your washroom facilities are clean and smell fresh.
• The knowledge you have reduced the risk of infection from the transfer of bacteria and micro-organisms.
• Piece of mind knowing that the most important areas in the building are being maintained to an excellent level of hygiene

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